Tax Time, Part I

I love being a fiber farmer with all of my being. I love the community, the animals, the chores, the internet work, the creativity, all of it. All of it, that is, except the paperwork. I'd rather muck out the barn after a month of rain than have to sit down with all my spreadsheets and receipts and my spotty memories after 12 months of flying by the seat of my pants.

I need a bookkeeper.

Every year I promise myself I'll keep better records, and I'll keep them up promptly. But so far, every year I've made a big mess for myself, so that at the last minute, there's a painful slogging through the debris for good, accurate reports.

This year was no exception. But after several days of bribing and threatening myself and pushing the rope uphill, I'm finally done with a big chunk of it. Enough for the first deadline. And I'm happy to say that with it all assembled in black and white, the farm did very well last year - yay! Next, April 15 will be here before I know it, and I'll need to be done with Part 2. Pray for me.

"Please, Uncle Sam, can't I satisfy my responsibility by just raking poo?"


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Oof, I'm with you, I've been working on mine too, painful... Farming tax laws are so confusing and TurboTax doesn't have very thorough documentation on that part!

  2. Hi Michelle - thanks for stopping by! If you find any good systems for us right-brained farmers for keeping good records, please share, OK?

    BTW I have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (rescue) who I started a little herding with. We got our HCT several years ago, but never went any further. I haven't taken the time to get a good recall on him and without that, it's kind of a waste of time. ;-) He's a big snuggle bug and a couch potato.

    Your blog is really nice! Best to you from us here in Texas.

  3. If you’re not as confident with your financial records as you’d like to be, then it would definitely be a good idea for you to hire a personal bookkeeper. Find someone that does not only have the credentials to back them up, but also someone you know you can trust to be transparent and honest. Elect to keep separate but updated records as back-ups for contingency, should anything happen to the other set.

  4. Well, I guess, with those times of trying to keep better records and still failing (hehe), it’s really wise for you to get a reliable bookkeeper. He will be the one to deal with all your accounting works and you can have the peace of mind at the end of the day knowing that your reports are well-balanced and accurate.

  5. How are you doing, Cindy? It’s been three years, so I assume that you don’t sweat the accounting work anymore. Hehe! If you have a reliable bookkeeper, you don’t have to deal badly on those accounting problems, thus giving you a chance to concentrate on your other works. However, you should still be hands-on when it comes to records and reports to ensure that he’s really doing his job well.


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