Time Out

I celebrated the One Year Anniversary of the Jacob's Reward Farm CSA Launch with a trip across the metroplex yesterday. Our mentor and business coach, Susie Gibbs is in town, as usual, for the world famous Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Time for a meet-up! A bunch of us girls converged on Susie's mom's house in Fort Worth, to spend time together and to hit the big Show.

What a wonderful mini-break from farm duties, and a great recharge, hanging with local and far away Juniper Moon Farm groupies. Susie doesn't get to town that often, so it was a must-do chance to continue to pick her brain about building our CSA community and farm. Mary B. and I carpooled from the Dallas side and met up with Suzy, Anna, Patty, Nancy, Mary, and Susie.

Suzy had spent a couple of days dyeing yarn to bring down for Juniper Moon Farm. Gorgeous colors. Yes, three skeins came home with me. Ahem.

Mary B. snuggled with the Newfies while we all caught up
on the latest farm news.

Susie's mom lives within easy walking distance
from the Coliseum,
so off we went in the unusually springlike, sunny weather.

Comforting, expected sights and smells awaited.
For instance, cows. Lots of cows.

Kids register their cattle for judging.
They're laying months of blood, sweat and tears on the line.

Sleepy farmer boy.
Grooming elephant-sized cows is hard work.

Patty gets pig pics.

Cowboy accessories for sale.

The rodeo itself was a total blast. I took a bunch of video which I hope to share with you tomorrow. Susie, somehow found healthy food while the rest of us noshed on more traditional fare: super-long corn dogs, funnel cakes, peanuts, and beer. We enjoyed watching lots of roping and riding of all sorts. Cowboys and horses and ropes and cows and color. What an extravaganza and a feast for the eyes!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the day, stepping around all kinds of poop that I didn't have to clean up. Dear heavens. What have I come to, that this is my criteria for a kick-butt, cut-loose, girls' day out?

Have a safe trip home, Susie and all, and we'll be in touch every day through the magic of the internet.


  1. I'm glad you had a fun day out with the gals. You deserve it! Enjoyed the photos and looking forward to the videos. AuntiE


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