The Working Farm

Everybody pulls his or her weight around here. Judah knows his job - be gorgeous, and defend his boundaries.

Most of that goes on at night, so his daytime is spent resting up.

The sheep grow fiber, and also supervise welding operations.

Chickens, in addition to laying tasty eggs, supervise post setting. They have a keen sense of plumb.

And then, they also volunteer to taste test Bennett's lunch. Selfless, I tell you. Selfless and hard working.


  1. You have trained those chickens well!!! And I just flat tickled about Sir Judah. Can't wait to meet him. Bennet seems to be in farm heaven...

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Looks like you have everybody whipped into shape! Hope it's going well, and that the bad weather blows through quickly!

  3. Poor Bennett! I didn't even mention how many calories *he* probably expended today - got 9 of 12 posts set in concrete. When the weather subsides we'll get the last posts done and start welding braces.

  4. Cindy, you crack me up. Those sheep look like they are supervising every move..... Have they cosied up to Judah yet? LOL, AuntiE


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