The Alpaca's New Champion?

Meet Harley, as he is currently known. Harley's owner is looking for a new home for him because he really is good at guarding but he lost his job, and is having some interpersonal issues in the house with several other house dogs. We're going to see if he would be happy here looking after the alpacas. Today was just our introduction, but we'll be talking more seriously next week when his owner gets back from a trip.

This beautiful half Pyr - half Golden Retriever has been guarding miniature horses with great success. He has also been exposed to chickens and cats with no problems. And he's really sweet to people. Which is good, because he's a big boy. Big. Really beautiful.

His retriever side helps him love the water! Sad to say, the best we can do around here are deep puddles and mud after heavy rain. His coat looks like it would shed the mud pretty quickly, when the inevitable mud comes.

There are a few details to work out - a couple of low spots in the fence, a gate that hangs a little high off the ground, and introductions with the alpacas themselves. But if all goes well, Harley may get a new Jacob's Reward name and come to live at the farm.

You know I'll keep you posted.


  1. Kinda freaks me out that we might own THREE dogs. Three. Amazing.

  2. Will Harley and Judah get along???

  3. Good question. Actually unless they both get out of their pastures, they'll never intersect. Judah is in the north pasture with the Gulf Coast Native sheep, and Harley (or Joshua, as he may become) will be in the south pasture with the alpacas and the Jacob sheep. The house and yard are between the pastures, so the dogs would be separated.

    Judah got along fine with other dogs at his foster home, and Harley gets along with *most* other dogs where he is now. I would hope they would get along if need be.

  4. Harley looks wonderful. I know it will be a relief for you to have this issue settled.

  5. How wonderful, to have a guardian dog for both pastures! AuntiE


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