Blinding White

It's beginning to melt already, but the stuff is piled high everywhere. As the clumps fall from the trees, they land with a wet splat.

Note to self: White sheep aren't really white.

Under all this sweet whiteness, is horrid, black mud. Tomorrow, the mud will rule once more.

The creek looks like a postcard. Act surprised if you see these shots in next year's Christmas card.

The new fence looks nice dressed in white.

Another note to self: Wagons don't roll worth a darn through deep snow. Interesting.

Judah works stoically in the snow.

Snow shows exactly how dirty our alpacas have gotten in the last weeks.

Though, Gizmo stands out nobly against the white.

Public service announcement: Don't eat this snow.


  1. Ohhhh, that impending mud is going to make a negative impact on our alpaca pedicure attempts tomorrow! I will bring my knitting . . . (and your loom).

  2. Just depends on how gross we're willing to get ;-) It will be much easier to talk me into knitting, for sure...

  3. I would put off any grooming for at least a week, that black goo isn't going anywhere for awhile. I was thinking Christmas card before I ever read that caption. How about one of those collage cards, using all the snowy pics?

  4. It's amazing to me that these pictures are from Texas! We are loving it, but honestly feel like we should be back in Indiana.

  5. GREAT notes and public service you provide! Judah appears to be in heaven. Thanks for the visit...

  6. I said the same thing (about Christmas cards) when reviewing snow pics I took too! These look great. And I do feel for you in the neverending mud battle. Yuck.


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