Coaxing Up the Spring

I know the weatherman says that it will probably snow the better part of tomorrow, but the day lilies are telling me not to give up hope. They are coming up anyway.

The new sedum rosette is pushing up between the bones of last year's stems and blooms. She also knows that spring is on the threshold of winter's door.

So tomorrow, we'll bundle up and make sure the animals all have enough food to keep them snug and warm, and then find plenty of important things to do inside.

But just for fun, let's pretend that tomorrow is going to be 69 degrees and sunny... How would you spend it?


  1. I'm so ready for Spring, I'll get the deck cleared off, bring out the cushions, my knitting bag and Ipod and 'set up shop'.

  2. Well, tomorrow is here and I didn't get any snow where I live. Don't know if you received any or not. I think 1 flake fell at my home. LOL! It is cold though.

    Your plants look great!

  3. Nearly lunch time and no snow yet, but now the forecast says there's still a chance around suppertime. Not bad at all out there now. Cool, still, and DRY.

  4. Those photos are good medicine!


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