The Community Grows

Yesterday was another splendid day of spinning, knitting, visiting, eating, touring and educating visitors about the farm and about the wonders of fiber. We easily fit sixteen ladies into the barn, thanks to the added floor space. Four or five families and groups of friends also stopped by briefly to get the nickle tour and see the animals. I think several of those folks will be returning for spinning lessons. They may not know what an incredible journey they have begun!

One of our Very Important Visitors was Ramblin' Bawb - the diminutive sheep who has been traveling the country visiting friends of Juniper Moon Farm, and collecting impressive adventures. We were honored to have him at the Little Red Barn to meet the Jacob's Reward Farm community!

When he went out to pay respects to his fellow sheepies, we wondered if maybe Bawb and Shadrach might not have some shared lineage? Separated at birth? Perhaps...

NOTES: Several people have requested an extension in the Photo Contest. Twist my arm. OK. One more week. Let's shoot for next Saturday night as the deadline. If you missed your chance to come out to the farm for pictures, you have a few more days. We might even have a repeat of the picturesque snow on Tuesday, if the weatherman is to be believed. (If you took pictures of yesterday's shindig, I'd love to have a copy... I got busy giving tours and didn't record the day like I had wanted. Thanks!!)

Thanks to everyone who took goodies home from the Barn Sale. We have an excellent start on the Patio Fund and I will get started on that project immediately. Enjoy your treasures!

Thanks to everyone who took bottles home to fill with change for the African water well project. God bless you big time.

Spin on!


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Hi! And hugs to all of you! Thanks for the messages you have sent! It looks as though you all had a wonderful, fibreful time! I am looking forward to our next meeting, March 6th. I have had a call from 2 more ladies who want to come to the group and want to learn to crochet, which is wonderful! Oh and we should be having a visit from a spinning wheel too! Watch this space, I could become a spinner too!
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Caroline - I'm waiting to get some pictures e-mailed to me of our whole Saturday turn out. This picture was just about half the group! Hope your fiber day is at least half as fun as ours was! We were certainly thinking about you!!


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