For the First Time

New beginnings here at the farm:

For the second time, I left the door open on the Coop de Ville, and this time, several of the new chickens ventured out for their first Free Range experience. Those five chicks seemed to really enjoy the sunshine and the fresh grass, though they didn't wander far from their coop and their friends still stuck behind the wire.

Chickens aren't very smart, bless 'em, but they are creatures of habit and routine. So if we keep practicing going out to play and successfully finding our way home, they'll get better at it, and the scaredy-chickens will eventually learn from their adventurous coop-mates. (I bet they're up late tonight talking about all the cool stuff to see and experience "on the outside.") Bad news for our egg customers: it looks like we may have one rooster in the bunch. Time will tell.

And just this evening, new student Julie successfully got some wool spinning on our friendly old Louet single treadle. She survived that first awkward session when your hands and feet and eyes and fiber need to get it together to get the yarn to behave. I bet she'll be spinning in her sleep before our next lesson together.

We all start somewhere, and we all grow. It's always exciting.


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