Great Problem to Have

Thanks to the recent Allen Image article (thanks Peggy!) we've been deluged with requests for farm tours, sales of CSA shares and egg punch cards. For the moment, we're SOLD OUT. I say "for the moment" because when I get a better idea of how our supply is going to match up with demand, I may open them up again for sale. There are now several spinning classes scheduled for this month as well in the Little Red Barn. It's Fiber Farm February - yes!

In the meantime, I'm excited about the new friends we're meeting. Today, Lisa and her daughter Heather came by to see the farm and learn more about the process of turning wool into yarn. Maybe Lisa will decide to learn to spin. Heather is already a knitter and she's headed back home to Colorado. There's lots of knitting to be done in Colorado, that's for sure.

Everybody is having to put a good face on the sloppy, muddy, boot-sucking conditions all over the farm. It didn't slow Judah down on his breakfast, which he enjoyed under the cover of the hut.

The sheep are easily ankle deep in the black goo, which puts them in cranky moods.

Bennett's welding rig still sits stuck in the pasture where he had to abandon it yesterday, in order to get his truck out to go home! So, I'm holding the rig and trailer hostage until the fences are finished. They are almost there, and looking great. Very uptown, for us here at DuctTape Acres.

This is the lake that forms after every decent rain, along the east end of the sheep pen. We're hoping when we tear out the old fence that the drainage will improve. Go away, little lake.

This weekend I'm off to the Winter Fiber Fun retreat put on by Mary B. of Fancy Fibers Farm. Lots of classes going on, including one I'm teaching on cardboard weaving. I should be able to bring you some of the sights and sounds of that little escape to the woods, so keep it here. It's time to relax a bit and have some uninterrupted fiber time with my peeps.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Have a ball this week-end. Can't wait to hear about it.

    It looks like a lake in our back yard also.


  2. So excited that this is taking off! But doggone it, I didn't get by to get my egg card. Let me know as soon as you have more available.


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