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My pal Peggy taught a workshop on hand painting roving this weekend at our fiber retreat. I caught her bringing several of her personal creations back to the main lodge, and bought one right out of her hands. They were all so lovely, it was hard to pick.

This is the one I decided on. It has lots of the earth tones that I love so much, but it also has some of those cool purples and pinks that make me stretch my color sense a bit.

Here is how it's coming out on the bobbin right now. The pinks and purples are deeper in the bobbin, as they were the first colors to come off the bump as I spun. I'm thinking about Navajo plying this yarn and knitting and felting a little purse. Other ideas?


  1. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Actually I led both of the dyeing workshops. Peggy just inspired us with her totally serendipidous creations dyed after everyone else, and Elvis, had left the building with everyone's leftover dye! It was a wonder to behold!

  2. D'Oh! Sorry, Mary! I, of course, spent nearly the whole retreat in the main lodge relaxing and doing a bit of crochet, so I didn't observe the class. Of course it was *your* dyeing magic and Peggy's insatiable search for the perfect combination of colors. Mea culpa!

  3. glad to see you finally got something on a wheel, lady. Who comes to a spinning retreat without a wheel????

  4. Gorgeous rovings! Glad you were able to spin when you arrived home. You seemed to be having spinning withdrawals while there, without your wheel. :)

  5. Well, I only regretted my decision to travel light when I saw all that beautiful dyed stuff, and Christine's gorgeous fibers. THEN I kicked myself. But all's well that ends well. I have some pretty stuff to spin and some unbelievably soft stuff to spin, too. ;-)


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