Making Room for What's Important

We've just begun our current project: The Little Red Barn Overhaul, and these are the "before" shots. I'm pulling everything out and stirring up lots of dust.

We squoze 14 wonderful spinners and knitters into this building for the last Third Saturday Spin-In, and though everyone found a way to be comfortable and congenial, I worried that there might not be room for everyone who wanted to come. Some fundamental things needed to change around here.

Priority check. This little barn is a great space, but it can't serve every purpose. I've narrowed down its raisons d'etre to these three:
  • house a modest stash of mine,
  • provide a little bit of retail space for my modest inventory of products, and
  • allow the maximum number of Fiber Sisters to congregate for a wonderful get-together!
If these three conditions are met, the LRB will also be a comfortable space for smaller groups, like classes, to assemble and create.

So today I rolled up my sleeves and began the sometimes euphoric, sometimes excruciating task of cleaning out the studio - down to the baseboards. It's going to be a sizable process, but I hope to be ready in plenty of time for the next Third Saturday (February 20, 10 AM). If you're considering dropping by for the monthly shindig, please come on! There will be room for you.

And finally, a quick shout out to my new friend Julie, who started spinning lessons tonight. She is doing amazingly well, turning out nice fine yarn after just one lesson with the drop spindle. You GO, girl! See you next week with all that fiber spun into yarn!


  1. Big job, Cindy. You are getting quite popular with the press feature and all. You NEED more room for all your peeps.

  2. Absolutely, Kay - I can't bear to turn anyone away for lack of space!

  3. I love your Little Red Barn, Cindy! It will look wonderful when you are done. Maybe I can actually make it this month!

  4. ATTA GIRL, Cindy. I know you will do a wonderful job. Looking forward to photos from the Feb. 20 get-to-gather. With you in spirit. AuntiE

  5. I want to learn how to use one of those triangle looms like the one you have on the wall.


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