Paca Pedicures

I've put this off longer than I should - bad weather, bad schedules, and lots of other obstacles kept pushing the job back. But now we just can't put it off any longer. The alpacas' toenails must be trimmed. I've secured DH's help for Saturday morning, plus some skilled assistance from some of our experienced farm friends, so the boys should be lookin' fine, come Saturday afternoon. We'll have them in halters for the first time in a while, so it should be fairly interesting. This will all be good practice before the big shearing day at the end of March.

Saturday is also the new deadline for the Photo Contest with fabulous prizes. So far we have several awesome contestants, but there's room at the top for more. Send in your digital shots by Saturday evening to be included in the judging by our Celebrity Judge: Susie Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farm. If you read her blog, you have seen for yourself that she knows a great shot when she sees one.

Critter Updates

Judah continues to be the best dog on the planet, doing his job with patience and diligence, yet he's a complete snuggle bug to his momma.
The new chickens have started laying! Yippee! Not very many, and not every day, but the eggy joy has begun!
Smokey the Barn Cat
has a new fan club in the ranks of new spinning students who have come through the Little Red Barn lately - she charms them all.
Jethro the Jacob is on borrowed time - he does seem to have been neutered incompletely, shall we say, and has a "rammy" outlook on life. This makes him a menace for me during feeding time, and I don't like it. Know anyone who needs a pretty wool sheep with an attitude?
The suri alpaca boys, Micah and Boaz, continue to grow and warm my heart. I think all that extra attention they got during their sickness made them easier to handle now, and they are so sweet and soft!
I don't want to leave out your favorite, but suffice it to say that right now, all is right in the critter world.

Make an appointment to visit soon, and give your favorite critter some special scritchy love!


  1. Ohhh, I love the critter updates. I think I would like to hug the suris. What about the second dog?

  2. I'm going to check on him today with his owner, Kay. I thought I'd hear from her by Tuesday or so, but I haven't. She was out of town on a big trip, and that takes some recovering (at least for me). I'll let you know what I find out.


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