Photo Contest: You're Invited

It's time to give some stuff away, don't you agree? I'm thinking, Photo Contest!

Here's what we'll do: make an appointment to come to the farm between now and February 20 (our normal spinning day) and take all the photos you want here at the farm. Pick your three favorites. E-mail them to me. I'll upload them to a special Flickr set identified only with numbers. Celebrity Judge Susie Gibbs will pick her three favorites - first, second, and third place. You heard me right - Susie her own self.

Prizes will be awarded! I scored three really nice cotton tea towels with pictures of British sheep breeds, including a Jacob. They're really cool. But that's not all. Here's what you can win -

Third place prize
: sheep breed tea towel:

Second place prize: tea towel, and a felted quiver with spinning oil:

First place prize: tea towel, felted quiver with oil, and hand made Jacob sheep pin:

All I ask is that you allow me to use any photos you submit however I want: farm promotions, print or website materials, or products. (You will always be credited as the photographer.) Deal? OK farm friends, bring it!


  1. What a great idea!! Love it. Can't wait to see all the pix people take! I don't envy Susie--that's be a hard job!! xoxo

  2. I'm getting a new camera - it comes tomorrow - and maybe I should test it out on some sheep! Yay!


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