Rainy Day Pick-Me-Up

Few things perk up my rain soaked-mood like watching baby goats frolic on new legs. Especially since we have no goats here at Jacob's Reward, nor do we breed for baby lambs. (Shadrach, born here two years ago, is the notable exception.)

So, if you're soggy or snow-bound or surrounded on all sides by piles of To Do's, take a minute to refresh and enjoy my friend Terri's kids. I bet you'll smile.


  1. What fun! They're so cute!

  2. That was so much fun I put it on my facebook. I have 3 small dogs that play like that!

  3. There is almost nothing more adorable than a baby goat. SO darn cute! I used to have goats that would sit in my lap, I miss them!

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Oh, I should be in bed, but when I saw the see-saw, I just had to take a look! You And the way the older goat waited to see what would happen before having a go and the butting the little ones off! Just like children! SO funny!! Thank you so much for posting.
    Caro in UK

  5. Haaaaaaaa!!!! Fun, fun, fun..... AuntiE

  6. Wow that is just too adorable!


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