Ready, Get Set....

Sync! ... your calendars. So much coming up, I need to review the list so I don't forget anything:

Saturday - spinning and knitting in the newly re-organized Little Red Barn. There will be stuff spread out on tables on the lawn that I am destashing and you all must help me find good homes for the treasures. I'm not really going to price stuff - just put your best offer in the coffee can. All proceeds will go to help us get the patio built onto the front of the barn ASAP. On Ravelry, we have a friend named Caro in the UK who would like her knitting group and ours to be "Sister Stitchers." Doesn't that sound like fun? I thought we could take a group photo and send it to her - our own Flat Fiber Pals - across the big water. Saturday night is also the deadline for photos to be e-mailed to me for our amazing Photo Contest with fabulous prizes!

Kate Gives it a Go

Sheep Shearing - Second Week in March - I found out that our shearer will be traveling through our area and will come to the farm to shear the nine sheep. I'm afraid it may have to be during the week, but I'll give everyone as much notice as possible so that if anyone can come they'll have enough lead time. I'm going to have someone else do the shearing this year so that I can concentrate on getting the fiber taken care of in the best way right there on the spot. It would be awesome to get the wool skirted and ready to wash very quickly after shearing.

Handknit Socks on Parade

Wildflower Fiber Retreat - March 12-14 in Tyler. This get together is quite a tradition in the North Texas area. I'm planning to go, and I hope to see lots of our farm friends there, too. The cabins are rustic but reasonably comfortable, the food is usually really good, and the fiber activities and the chance to relax in the woods by a lake refresh me every year.

Alpaca Shearing - March 29. To accommodate the schedule of our hosting ranch, our shearing will be on a Monday this year. This is always a busy day, with hauling the boys up to Greenville and back. But it's exciting to have all our gorgeous fiber off the hoof and into bags, waiting for us to get it cleaned up and sent off to Spinderellas. I can't believe all our fiber will be sheared and ready to clean before April. We may have an early harvest this year! We can spend some of the year actually making stuff out of our wool and yarn long before the year is done.

DFW Fiber Fest is in April - this Festival in Addison is fun to attend, with plenty of classes and vendors to teach and tempt.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - May 1 and 2. Oh yeah, I'm planning on my yearly pilgrimage to the Howard County Fairgrounds. More on this later.

Spring Storytelling Event - May 15. Peggy H-R and I are working on developing another incredible picnic event here at the farm, since the storytelling/music day was such a smash last fall. I'm open to any ideas you may have to help us bring this together. I'm thinking of having Peggy and Gene tell us some fairy tales for spring!

There, that ought to keep us out of mischief for a couple of months. And if you need to get into mischief for some reason, please give me a call, and bring it to the Little Red Barn.


  1. Ok, I'm tired just reading this calendar of events. Wow.

  2. :-( I was really hoping to get to see all the sheepies getting sheared this time, and the second week of March is when the Texas Storytelling Festival is. (Visualize me running in circles and pulling my hair out!)

  3. Oh dear, I think I need to move to TX. Well, maybe not...maybe just get a really good vehicle and drive a lot :-)


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