The Renewal Begins

I bought a piece of furniture today. It's a used credenza* to replace the big heavy table that used to live on the south wall of the Little Red Barn. This new piece allows ten more inches of floor space along its length, inches that will make sitting and spinning in the LRB much more comfortable. It has drawers and a cabinet for storage. It's easier on the eye than the yucky old table. Things are already looking up.

Now the purging must begin in earnest.

In an ideal world, I would start the overhaul early on a dry, sunny day and carry everything that wasn't nailed down out on the lawn. I would clean the LRB top to bottom, and then start carrying back in only those things that support the goals and activities that go on in the Barn. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world. Tomorrow we expect rain mixed with snow for about 24 hours. So I'll have to adjust the plan so that all the work goes on inside the barn, taking small cluttered areas at a time to re-arrange, evaluate, toss, group, store and rehome.

Have you heard of Rolfing? It's basically massage X 1000. The goal of Rolfing (give or take) is for the practitioner to work not only your muscles, but to literally break up and re-arrange the fascia, or connecting tissues that hold everything together. In this way, old, dysfunctional, ingrained patterns of movement can be eliminated and healthy ways of moving can be re-established, helping your body function more like it was designed to. Sounds great, doesn't it? But it hurts like the devil. It takes ten or more sessions of really painful going-over before they get you totally loosened up. But then you're free.

I'm Rolfing the LRB. Not just a surface treatment here. I'm going clear to the bone. I hope I can be objective enough to really look at all the Stuff in there and make radical choices. A lot of it has to go. A lot of it is getting in the way of living and creating and forming community like I want to. Just lots of old stuff, accumulated over years, that I thought I couldn't live without. That Stuff has another thing coming.

*I got it at The Benefit Store in Richardson, which supports Children's Medical Center. When you shop there, you get great deals and you help the kids. Very cool.


  1. Wow that really looks nice there, plus you have a little storage too!!!

  2. Super addition to the LRB. Good luck with the purging. I hate doing that but feel virtuous when it's done.

  3. It's amazing what a difference 10 inches makes. Do I see a new career on the horizon--room rolfing?

  4. So much easier to purge when you realize it's keeping you from what you really want. *;)

  5. I know that is a huge job - kudos to you for taking it on. Amazing how attached we get to our stuff (guilty over here!).

  6. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I so totally love your comparison to Rolfing...that is sooo what I need to do to my garage and my kitchen!!
    Cindy, you are most assuredly an inspiration!


  7. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Hi Cindy,

    Can I offer a bit more accurate description of Rolfing® structural integration? Receiving Rolfing is more similar to getting a wheel alignment on your car than cleaning out a barn. The main purpose of what we do is to improve the structure and alignment of the body. Rolfing practitioners are the structural experts of the human body. Maybe we could straighten out the foundation on your Little Red Barn? :-)

    And, I'm curious, have you received any Rolfing? We're working very hard as a community to put to rest the idea that our work "hurts like the devil." It never "works" to overwhelm someone with pain. The client is always in charge of the amount of pressure I use and I personally have a broad spectrum of touch from straight up direct technique to the subtle of subtlest craniosacral touch.

    Hope the clean out on the barn was all you hoped for.


    Carole LaRochelle, BCSI
    Certified Advanced Rolfer™

  8. Carole - thanks for "adjusting" my idea of what Rolfing entails. My comments are based on my husband's experience with a Rolfing series several years ago. I'm not sure if things have changed, or if his practitioner was just harsh, but he certainly experienced significant pain. But that's not really my point.

    I don't want to push the analogy too far, but the idea of getting down to the important things, casting off the things that hold us back, and moving ahead in new health still applies, I think.

    Thanks for reading!


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