Sometimes We Retreat to Advance

A modest display from the Farm. Got to keep telling the story...

Nine ladies tried their hand in my Cardboard Weaving class. Very cute bags were born, using all kinds of yarn and scraps. The joy of this craft, to my mind, is that it takes simple, cheap supplies, and you can use up lots of cool scraps and novelty yarns. Great art doesn't require expensive materials or una - ttainable skills. We are all artists.

Sharon chose a lovely fine yarn but plans to add stripes.

Mary, a seasoned weaver already, learned a craft she can share with her grandkids.

The reward for a long day of knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, chatting, laughing, sharing, teaching and learning is enjoying a really good meal with no cooking or cleaning up. Right on, sister friends.


  1. Is this weaving project some thing you share on the tours of your farm? I can't wait until the weather warms, I'm coming for a tour of the place.

  2. Probably couldn't tackle it as part of a tour, but I'd be happy to offer a class on a day when that's our only agenda item! Let's talk about it!
    Great idea!

  3. I'm up for it and I have a couple more staff members at the school I work at that are with me on coming out for a tour.


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