Snowy Morning

A rare, snow blanketed morning in North Texas.

Ezra greets me after spending time in the whitefall.

Shadrach and Itzhak are more than ready for their breakfast.

Solomon spent some time outside the barn overnight. Jonah did, too.

In fact, here's where he slept last night.

The chickens don't seem too troubled by the weather. They actually seem cozy in the snow-insulated coop.

Everything wears a frosted coat.

The quiet covers the landscape. Pax.


  1. Those silly alpacas! Though I guess if you're wearing an alpaca-fleece coat, you stay pretty warm . . .

  2. Terri1:52 PM

    A dedicated photographer might be out there taking pictures for the contest...

  3. Except those gainfully employed ;-). Dang those JOBS.

  4. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Beautiful pictures. I will get my pictures up tomorrow. My alpacas are a bunch of sissy's. Hondo stayed in his pen all day and Osceola stayed outside the pen in what we call the porch ll day. He was under the cover of the pole barn all day.


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