VIP Visitors Today

It's a red-letter day when a distant shareholder comes to town and we get a chance to meet her in person! Today Karen flew in from Arizona to visit relatives who live very close to the farm. The whole gaggle stopped by this afternoon to meet the sheep, alpacas, and chickens, and get some impromptu fiber learnin' in the Barn.

New farm friends, and neighbors to boot!

Karen is a new spinner and was able to narrate while I fired up a drop spindle to show the cousins and nieces and nephews and friends. What a lovely group of kids - some of whom may be budding spinners, too!

Karen (far right) and the kids

Have a great time in Texas, Karen - thanks so much for taking time out to drop by and become a friend!


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    How exciting! For your vistors as well as you! I feel that we are only a short way from you in distance,because you are such a great blogger Cindy! There's always something new to read on here!
    It looks as though all your snow has gone. I had a phone call from my Mother In Law last night, she had been watching the news and was woried about Steve because they had shown pics of heavy snow just down the road from here, about 1/2 an hour's drive away. Taunton, had had thick snow! His parents live about 3 hours drive from here, but they rarely ever get snow, although, like you, they had some this year! But there was nothing here at all! All we knew was that the gritter waggons had been out in force the night before, as we saw them on our way home.Best wishes

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I had no clue that you had put this on your blog! I had a great time visiting and have enjoyed our budding friendship since we all met up. I am really in to it now as my drum carder arrived this past week and a full Lincoln fleece arrived last week and is waiting for bathing.


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