Water and Onions

With all the rain we've had lately, I'm not too worried about a drought around here. But my friend Bill* knows some folks in Africa who don't have enough clean water to drink or use for their crops, and lots of folks are dying. Babies and kids are especially vulnerable to dehydration and water-borne illnesses.

I've found a way to help, even way over here in Texas. Bill is collecting money to build wells, water purifying systems, and bottling facilities. (I believe a lot of the infrastructure is already in place.) These will all be run and maintained by the African folks themselves - they will have sustainable businesses that provide clean water to their neighborhoods and livelihoods for themselves.

Here's the plan. I have these empty water bottles with little slots in them for coins. The tops are sealed shut so that no money will fall out. If you'd like to take a bottle and fill it up with loose change from where ever you can find it (sofa cushions, pants pockets, friends' ash trays), I'll trade you a full bottle for a set of Jacob's Reward Farm notecards - 4 cards with envelopes featuring JRF animals and scenes, blank on the inside, ready for your personal messages.

Just let me know how many bottles you'd like, and I'll hook you up. Bill and his friends in Africa will thank you. We literally could save some lives.

*Bill is an incredible guy - totally on the up and up. I've known him a long time and he's the real deal.

Thinking about people scraping their sustenance from the earth made me really appreciate one blessing we have here at the farm - our garden. My friend Donna had worked another section loose of weeds and packed clay, and it was calling out to me. I picked up a bunch of 1015 onion starts at the feed store today and quickly poked them into the ground between my other chores. I've never grown my own onions before. This will be very cool.

I'm suddenly more thankful for our rain. Water in abundance. Life.


  1. Onions are easy and once they get started and growing good, plant something else around them, not too close. I planed Begonias. As they both grew the begonias protected the onions from the wind and kept them from blowing over. I live just around the corner from you in Allen so we have the same wind (and same black clay, aka Goo.) I had a lot more onions survive last year when I did this. This year I think I'll try planting something edible.

  2. Great idea with the bottles. And good luck on your onions! Mine were rained out last spring. I need to get my garden reworked (we're moving it) and get started, I'm already behind! You know, my Dad (who lives in Allen) called me up yesterday to tell me about the Allen Image article. I already heard from you on here about it, but I was still excited for you! Yay!

  3. imjustlori7:15 AM

    I grew my own onions for the first time last year, and they were the sweetest, most amazing onions I've ever had. And I wished I planted more. It sounds like you have a better number planted than I did. Enjoy your onions!

  4. I hope our recent monsoons haven't drowned them. I'll go out this morning and see if the frost or the yesterday's rain has done any damage. Hope all is well!


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