We Need this Boy

When our friend Kim, who breeds our Gulf Coast Native lambs, begins an e-mail with, "I am being a brat," I know to just get out my checkbook. She knows I love flashy lambs, and today, she wrote to tell me that she had a very flashy boy born into her flock. He is pretty rare for a GCN, as they are almost always white. What could I do? I told her we'd take him. I'm powerless in the face of that ovine gorgeousness. Every flock needs a black sheep! We did good, though, didn't we?

OK, that's my limit this year. Really.


  1. Oh my gosh . . . he is beautiful!!! I'm so looking forward to this year--the sights and sounds--the sweet little baaaaas. I can hardly wait!! Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your life with us! I feel really blessed! xoxo

  2. Patrick6:23 PM

    So cute! A great addition to the farm.

  3. What's his name? He's gorgeous..... AuntiE

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I have to see which shareholder is eligible to pick a name for him. I'll get on that soon so that we can start calling him by his proper name.

    Thanks for keeping up with us and chiming in regularly! I love it!


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