After the Storm

Don't want to talk much tonight. Just want to enjoy the spectacle happening off to the west of our front porch. The sky is on fire.
And the blaze is reflected in the streams the storm left behind.

It's calm now. Just a gurgley tinkle of the water through the reeds, and some gentle swaying of the long grasses in the current.

The hens fail to see the profundity in the turbulent weather patterns.

In fact, they're pretty ticked off.


  1. Wet hens, they're always cranky!Beautiful views~

  2. That was quiet a storm. I guess the season has begun. Up to 75 today, woo hoo. Come on Summer!

  3. Is it me or do chickens always seem to be in a bad mood? *;)

  4. Whenever all the Texas "nonsense" like our politics start to push me over the edge, all I have to do is see one of our gorgeous sunsets, and I'm in love with this state all over again.

  5. I couldn't find my camera when I saw that gorgeous sunset, so I'm glad you got a shot of it. It was a beautiful day--even with the thunderstorms!


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