Best Laid Plans: We Shear TOMORROW!

Y'know, you lay your life out and you assume that most of the time, things will go as planned. But here on the farm, I'm about done being surprised when everything changes.

The part that went swell: Shareholder Chris, with her mad science skills, came over and helped me vaccinate, medicate and worm some of our sheep who were dealing with various issues.

This was actually kind of fun and went pretty easily. You remember from last time that our big boy, Shadrach, thinks wormer is candy. Once he figured out what we had in our big syringe, the problem was keeping him out of the way. Our other big boy, Phineas, has been handled so much that he is also very easy to dose with oral meds and shots. That's a real blessing.

Itzhak, having been raised on a bottle, doesn't give me too much trouble taking his medicine. Fortunately, the opportunity to practice doesn't come up much.

Mary Elizabeth and Phineas will need another shot in two days, but I don't expect it to be a major event. Thanks again, Chris, for being Jill-on-the-Spot.

The part that threw us for a loop: Remember our plan to shear the alpacas next Monday with our fantastic sheep shearer, Danny? Well, the weather is not looking good. Strong chances of R-A-I-N Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Since we don't have a good place to keep the alpacas really dry, or a place that would be mud-free for the actual shearing, I had to come up with Plan B.

Mark Loffhagen will only be up in Greenville one more day to shear alpacas. I had to figure out how to get our guys up there tomorrow. Lots of phone calls.... The Daughertys agreed to let DH and me borrow their trailer. DH is off work tomorrow and is available to drive the truck/trailer. Amy in Greenville says there's room in the day's lineup for us to squeeze our six boys in. Whew. Next week will be in the 80's, so it's the perfect time to get the fiber off. Everything is falling into place.

We thought it would be a quick hook up and go, but it took the guys about 2 hours to get the trailer lights working. We had to go buy an adapter to hook up the trailer wires to our truck, and then the adapter didn't work--it had been assembled wrong at the factory. Fortunately, we had two engineers on the job and they finally worked out the electrical kinks.

So, we're jumping the hurdles as they come, and are praying for a smooth day getting up to Greenville and back. This came up suddenly, so I'm still getting used to the idea that all our fiber will be off the animals and into bags by mid-day tomorrow. DH has never been to a shearing, so this will be an adventure for him. Wait, every day with me is an adventure.

When you next see the alpacas, they will look exceedingly ridiculous. Try not to laugh.


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    By the time you get this it will be all over! But over here in UK I only just saw your news! I hope Monday for you goes to plan and that you have a really good day with shearing weather! God bless,


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