The Doctor is In

Furthering my quest to teach 100 new spinners this year, I had the opportunity to pass on the spindle love to two young ladies yesterday at our spinning group. Felicity and Zoe, ages 14 and 7 respectively, made terrific progress with just a very short lesson. Their parents should be proud of such motivated, patient, polite and talented kids. They'll be knitting with their hand spun yarn before you can say Nintendo Who?



And we grown ups can always learn more about our spindles and wheels. Saturday at the Little Red Barn, rain or shine, we'll conduct an informal wheel clinic to get our machines in tip-top shape. Spinning Wheel Expert and Ashford dealer, Joanne Pohlman, of Terrific Fibers, will be with us to remind us of the pros and cons of all the different wheel drive systems: single drive, double drive, bobbin lead, Scotch tension, Irish tension and the lot. If this has been confusing for you, come by and get it all sorted out.

My bobbin-lead Louet S-10. She's a workhorse.

Several new ladies have contacted me wanting to join in the fun. I hope the threat of rain doesn't dampen anyone's spirits or determination to come take part in our gathering.

Reminders: please park up on the road and walk down, bring your lunch or a dish to share, and get in line to try out our new Room of Comfort. It's orange and looks like a big phone booth.


  1. The girls did do a great job at spindling! It was great seeing them learn. Cindy, you are a great teacher.

  2. Zoe is anxious to get back to her spindle. Girl had to celebrate her birthday Thurs.
    Cindy, you are a superb teacher.
    Oh, and Joanne will be a huge hit Sat. Bundle up and head on out to Jacob's Reward Farm.

  3. Cindy, I really enjoyed all the blogs and photos. All you so generously share is appreciated!!! Love and hugs, AuntiE


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