Frosty - The Sequel

Winter wasn't quite done, regardless of what the calendar promised. After a week of temperatures in the 60s and even 70s, last night we were pummeled with freezing wind and horizontal snow.

This might not have been so bad here at the farm, except our sheep had surrendered their woolly outer things the week before and were left rather vulnerable. Unfortunately, Judah had decided that he liked having the hut to himself and chased the sheep out of their only shelter from time to time.

To remedy this, I locked them all up together last night and let them sort it out amongst themselves. Everyone survived.

The hardest hit by the weather were the front coop chickens who could use more shelter from the west, where all the snow came from. I'm still marveling at the blistering wind that shot snow into some really awkward places. Thankfully, these chickens not only survived, but went on to lay a half a dozen eggs today.

Interesting sights as I walked across the yard to finish my feeding chores. Because I had to be out of the house earlier than usual, I was up before the sun to get all the animals tended to.

Thanks to the strange wind angle, it snowed INTO the feed/tack room. Weird.

The fully fleeced alpacas preferred to lay outside rather than inside the stalls. Now you know why alpaca fiber must be worn judiciously in Texas. It's like Teflon to cold.

Jethro, the Naked Jacob, wisely refused to venture out of the stall into the biting wind.

When I tended to the tractor chickens, I could see the path of the wind and how it kicked up a drift in its wake.

No traffic in or out of the kitty door. Duh, it's toasty in the Little Red Barn.

More picture postcard landscapes down by the creek.

This afternoon, most of the snow is already gone. Frosty has other places to grace as he travels east. By Tuesday, forecasters say it will be 73 again.


  1. WOZA! - Now I am scared - been up to 70 degrees here the last 3 glad everyone made it! lasdcm

  2. The weather channel kept saying we had 7-8 inches in the Plano area... but over here in East Allen, we had at least 12 inches and the drifts were almost 24 inches deep. I'm ready for it to be gone!

  3. You have no idea, AlohaGirl!

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Wow! And we thought our weather had been strange! Actually, today has been more typical of April with many showers! Mostly at playtime so the kids have had wet play! But we have NOT got snow!

  5. Totally weird!! Yesterday the furnace was blasting all day--it was painfully cold both Saturday and Sunday. Now today we have the A/C on--it's hot outside!!! Too, too strange! Glad the animals all did ok. I worried about them!! xoxo

  6. You guys definitely got more snow up there than we did. Steve thinks we got maybe three inches but I didn't see that much.


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