The Indominable Ones

Not only did our Third Saturday Spin-In draw ten stalwart fiberistas, but three of the ladies were brand new to the Little Red Barn. Pam from Wylie, Cara from Longview (I know!), and Ellie from Arlington (whew!) got a Jacob's Reward Farm welcome from the toughest of the regulars. Leslie from Garland had helped me a lot outside with the fence demolition, but hadn't been to a spin day before. We had a wonderful day together.

I can't wait to learn more about Pam's Siberian Huskies and teach her to spin. Ellie brought her high-powered camera and took lots of black and white (real film) photos. Smokey was one of her favorite subjects, though she was not very cooperative.

Leslie went to work spinning an incredible batt of textured fibers she had gifted herself as a birthday treat. She spun a gorgeous yarn on her little Louet Victoria - so cute!

All of us got to spinning with the help of Joanne's great presentation on spinning wheel drive systems. I'm going to see if she'll post her handout on the internet somewhere so I can link to it. We all can refer to it in the future when we need a refresher.

Cara got special attention for her one-of-a-kind antique wheel from Joanne. Rita also helped her out with her drop spindles. We're going to get Cara spinning by hook or by crook. But probably by spindle and wheel.

And as if the company, fiber and super snacks weren't treat enough, our friend Caroline in England sent us a present!

She thought we'd probably enjoy a series that aired on British TV about a group of historians who took on the challenge of living authentically like people did in 1882. I can't wait to fire this up on the laptop!

Outside, the wind is howling, and wet or frozen precipitation threatens, but it's always warm in the Little Red Barn!


  1. I had a great time at the Little Red Barn yesterday!

  2. Seriously, Joanne - please put your handout on your website somewhere - I'd love to link to it! Thank you so much for driving over here in the icky weather - you're always such a ray of sunshine! xoxo

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Great pictures of your spinners' meeting! AND thank you for your kind comments! I hope you all enjoy the DVD
    Best wishes

  4. All I need is to see other people spinning to get me running to my wheel! Love that batt!

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Hello! It was so much fun to meet you on Saturday! And watch you spinning while I knit :)

    You can find the pictures from the get together at, in the Jacob's Reward gallery. It's password protected, because I was not sure if you wanted them to be public. If you e-mail me at I can give you the password and you can download them from there. If you want to print them though, please know that what I've posted are low resolution web-ready pictures; if you want a print let me know and I can send you a better copy.

    Hope you enjoy the film grain! I certainly do :) The wide angle is not always flattering because it can distort body proportions... but this is what works for a small space. However, next time I'd choose color, because even though black and white film gives a certain timelessness to the pictures, yarn is so colorful!

    And I have to say a big thank you for the opportunity to take those photos, since spinning, the wheels and the needles make for some very interesting designs and images. I love taking pictures of people doing interesting things and actually try to catch as many opportunities to do that as possible.

    I can envision how beautiful everything will be in a month.


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