Meet Phineas

Courtney and I struck a deal today. So her FFA show sheep became a fleece-bearer for Jacob's Reward Farm. "Puzzle" became "Phineas."

I chose his name because he was really making a racket the whole time we were installing him into his new digs. Courtney says he bleated all the way from McKinney. Phineas means "voice of brass." But Phineas was also a zealous man of God in the Old Testament, Aaron's grandson. It's a good legacy.

Phineas expresses his opinion to his new flock.

As a show sheep, Phineas has absolutely NO tail. Poor guy.
Can't wait for that fleece to grow and provide him some dignity.

This is a close up of his neck fiber. I'm straining to figure out
what his fleece will be like when it grows out.

He's a tall guy with a funny face.

Tomorrow, Phineas will meet his protector, Judah.
Judah looks particularly leonine in the setting sun.


  1. "leonine" . I love it. Phineas caught a real break.

  2. Oh my goodness - how sweet! Congrats on the new addition!


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