OK, Now is it Spring?

Yesterday, bitter wind and eight inches of snow. Today, green grass, blue sky and 63 degrees. And of course, mud.

I discovered yesterday while doing my chores that my trusty black rubber boots had both sprung leaks back by the heels. You haven't lived until you have freezing mud seep into your boots while you're scrambling to feed 6 hungry, shivery sheep. Dangerous. So today I treated myself to a funky pair of Target rain boots. They were on sale. Not sure how long they'll last, but I'll be stylin' in the pasture.

The snow did not slow down egg production. Can you believe it? The girls are on a mission now, and they stuck to their jobs. Thanks, girls. We really appreciate it!

They got to free range again after having been confined during the storm. Boy-howdy, they made up for lost time. What a busy bunch of biddies. Seems like there were chickens everywhere today--all with places to go and things to do.

I love our girl, Rachel--she's always been one of my favorites. She is one of our original hens, celebrating her third birthday this spring. I had thought that the five "old ladies" had given up laying, but when they were locked up, we collected two green eggs and a brown egg from the barn coop. Rachel and "Momma Bird," the two green-egg-layers, were back on the payroll. Not sure who laid the brown egg, but the ladies have redeemed themselves as a group, and will not be sent out to the chicken nursing home.

While I was reveling in our resident chicken society, I realized we're being invaded by a new pest: Mosquitoes. Big ones. Big as helicopters.

Fortunately, the sheep have regrown enough fleece to keep the suckers frustrated, but I don't have that advantage. I had peeled off layers of clothing as today's temperatures rose, and found myself getting pestered to death by the biters. So as the sun sets in the Texas west, I'm heading indoors for supper.


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