Pasture Patrol

As you might imagine, it really does pile up around here. The pens and stalls get raked out every day, but the pasture collects the treasure a while before we get out there and rake up the piles. Our recent rains and snows have kept us from tackling this any sooner, but today's lovely weather mandated that we finally get the job done.

Working in the pasture with my rake, bucket and wagon, I had a funny thought: "I can't believe EVERYONE doesn't want to be a farmer!" The sunshine felt great, and I needed a little exercise. I had some help for the first part of my chore day.

DH helped me move the chicken coops and get started on the raking. Then he had some excuse about running errands that took him away from all the fun.

I got most of it done before the wind picked up and nearly sent us off to Oz. I love knowing the chicken coops are clean and comfortable for the girls, and that the pastures are poo-free, for the moment.

Good news for our egg lovers: the girls laid 18 eggs today. New season record.


  1. Way ta go, you little red (buff, etc.) hens!!!! Sending chicken love, AuntiE

  2. Raking poo is one of my favorite things to do at the farm!!! Won't be long and I'll be rearing to go . . . rake in hand, boots on feet!! Glad the girls are laying record numbers of eggs too!!! Yay!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Elizabeth! Hope you have chickens of your own, soon!

    And thanks Mary - we're keeping your rake warm for you. So glad you're recuperating well! Wishing you speedy up-and-attem!


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