Shearing Went Way Better This Year

Live and learn, that's what I always say. Last year it took four of us all day to mangle four sheep's fleeces off of them. This year, Danny Smith artfully removed nine fleeces in well under an hour. Or, he would have if we hadn't had to change locations half way through the process. Five sheep on the north, and four sheep on the south. In and out in an hour. Some of the folks who had planned to come and observe almost missed the whole thing!

(Deep thanks to Chris who wielded my camera while I ran around directing traffic during the shearing. She took a lot of these.)

Mary Elizabeth prepares to be relieved of her crimpy wool.

Shadrach and his fleece, removed in almost one piece.
He is so happy to be out of that!

...And voila!

The naked north flock - Gulf Coast Natives, Suffolk cross Shadrach,
and "fine wool cross" Phineas.

Next, on to the Jacobs. Israel endures it with stoicism.
His fleece is like buttah.

Tommy and Jethro are tiny under all that wool. Stripped of their fluffy coats, we discovered that Jethro and Samson are NOT wethers after all, but that's a story for another day.

New friend Gay learns a little about skirting fleece from Laurie (who managed to avoid the camera).

I picked up a couple more Gulf Coast fleeces from our shearer to supplement our rare breed fiber harvest, so we'll have a good amount of awesome wool to blend for spinning. In fact, I've totally lost the floor in the Red Barn again. But it's temporary, and for a good cause.

Knee-deep in fibery goodness.



If you missed the fun on Friday, good news: I've arranged for Danny to come back on Monday, April 5, to shear our alpacas. This is a change of plans, but I think it will work better for us, having Danny come here, rather than trailering them up to Greenville. We can get their fleeces a little cleaner before Danny takes the fiber off, and they'll still all be done in a day. If you can make it early on that Monday morning (the day after Easter) I'd love to have you.

Then, it's major wool washing time.

Tomorrow's post: Reliving the Wildflower Fiber Retreat


  1. What a day it was! And I'm all for NOT dragging everyone off to be sheared!! I'll be there April 5 - fo' sho! I think you're up to your earlobes in wool now! Yahooooo!

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Wow! What a busy day! You look as though you have some pretty good fibre there. Watch your snail mail over the next few weeks!


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