Spring Lamb and My Civic Duty

Gorgeous sunny day today -- perfect for cleaning out the feed room, sheep shopping, and voting.

After picking up the truck from the mechanic this morning (she's feeling much better, thank you) and getting some hay at the feed store, it was off to the McKinney High School FFA barn.

Last week I met Courtney, who is selling one of her sheep, a "fine wool cross" who has finished his show career. I drove up to the FFA barn today to meet Puzzle in person. Neither Courtney nor her teacher has any idea exactly what breed of sheep this guy might be, and he doesn't have much fleece to evaluate just now, but the wool seems to have a good hand and good density.

He's very used to being handled, and is curious and energetic.

I'm guessing he's about as heavy as Shadrach, and maybe a bit taller.

He loves his chow.

Trying to decide if this guy would make a good addition to the flock, considering how much pasture we have, and keeping in mind that we have three new lambs coming up from Bedias next month some time. Hmmmm. I'll have a decision in a day or two.

Then on the way home, I swung by the Parker City Hall to cast my ballot and exercise my rights as an American Citizen. That in itself is pretty cool, but I also got to vote for a friend of mine who is running for Judge. I sure hope she gets elected - she's an awesome attorney, mom, wife, and friend.

Now, before I lose my light, I need to sweep and reorganize the feed room. Every once in a while, it's nice to blow the dust off of everything.

And did I mention how gorgeous the day was??


  1. I love the smell of feed room in the morning! *;)

  2. Yeah, well... it was getting pretty musty, so it was due for a clean. I think I've given the impression that I FINISHED cleaning it, and in fact, I just got to the part where I've dragged everything out into the yard, except the hay. I put that inside to keep it out of the dampness. But I'm leaving the door open and the breezes blowing through today to try to dry out the floor some - the rain has left a mess.

    TMI, I know - suffice it to say that it's a work in progress ;-)


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