We Will Come Rejoicing, Bringing in the Fleece

Done for another year.

Ted and I loaded the alpacas into our borrowed trailer this morning (that short phrase belies the interesting adventure it describes) and headed to Greenville, TX, to A & A Alpacas, owned by Amy and Arlen McCroskie.

There are many interesting sights in the small towns along the way, all reflecting the true Texas spirit.

Ted showed up for his first experience in the shearing barn and immediately went to work wrangling ornery alpacas.

Mark-the-Rock-Star-Shearer wields an impressive array of tools.

We learned that the barn system works best with three people, instead of just two, walking alpacas through the process, but people hanging around offered us a hand at critical junctions. We tried to do the same for them. Everything went very smoothly.

Fast forward to getting back in the pasture after an uneventful trip home. Solomon was a complete toot the whole day - bronco bucking in the morning, and bucking again once he was back on his own turf. We will need some re-education here.

Jonah was a pretty good boy and as usual, gave us an enormous fleece.

Micah impressed Amy, our hostess, with his luster, softness and density. Good little guy!

Moonie behaved pretty well, and as usual, should give us some melt-in-your-mouth spinning fiber.

Boaz looks so beautiful, even without his incredible fleece. He's so glad to have it off, and be able to scratch himself on the juniper branches. Ahhhhhh.

Gizmo was off by himself when I took these, and not up to indulging the paparazzi.

The group is, as a whole, thoroughly enjoying having that fiber off, on this sunny day where the temperature could reach toward 80 degrees. Not a moment too soon.

And, of course, the lovely harvest waits for its turn on the skirting table and in the washer. I'll weigh these fleeces for my records, and then we'll begin getting them ready to mail off to Lynn and Jim at Spinderellas.

And to top it all off, they've pretty much taken, uh... precipitation out of the forecast after Friday. It may not [rain] on us after all. Oh well, I'm happy we got the job done early, and the boys can enjoy the warm week ahead without their winter coats.

2010 Shearing = Success.


  1. I love the last one of the alpacas standing together from light to dark!!

  2. Glad it went well! Hopefully next year I can be your third pair of hands . . .

    The boys look SO FUNNY!

  3. Suger Hill Center looks like one-stop shopping for sure! *;)


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