The Winning Photographs - Prizes Earned!

The Judge has spoken! Susie and her staff have made the very tough decisions about the wonderful photos entered in our contest. Without delay, here are our winners:

Third Place goes to Shareholder Chris. She got this shot of Ted feeding Moonstruck apple bits on the day all the alpacas got their toenails trimmed. I only know because I was there. Susie really loves this one - it tells a fun farm story. Congratulations, Chris!

Second Place goes to our shareholder Paula. She captured this great shot of Judah and his sheep, each pursuing his own daily activities. Susie has pretty white guard dogs too, so she really appreciates the relationship between dog and sheep. Great shot, Paula!

And our First Place winning photo was taken by farm friend Debbie! Susie says, "We love everything about this photo. The framing, the look on the sheep's face. Everything. Just perfect!"

I'll have your prizes ready for you when I get back from the Wildflower Fiber Retreat this weekend. As you recall, our third place winner receives a very cool sheep tea towel, our second place winner receives a tea towel and a hand felted spinning wheel oil bag, and the first place winner gets both of those, plus a handmade Jacob sheep pin!

Thank you to everyone who came to the farm and captured some really beautiful photos! Great job!


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