I think Gail and I are a dangerous combination. She came to the Little Red Barn tonight to graduate from spinning on her spindle to using a wheel. I'm in a position to ramp up her fiber addiction to some serious new heights. But imagine my surprise when she showed up with home-made berry wine spritzers and basil/goat cheese sandwiches. I told her that the class might have to go on for several months.

Eventually, we really did get some spinning done. Gail worked on spinning singles on the good old Louet S10, and she also plied the singles she had spun previously on her drop spindle. She left with some really great-looking yarn. And I wandered home with a warm, happy sensation in my tummy. I just love spinninggggg...

Check out that happy glow - it's from persevering and succeeding with the spinning wheel. Really.


  1. Gail can come spin with me anytime. She's a hoot.

  2. Awesome Gail!!! Oh I think you need to come to Spinning Days!! Would love to meet you! :)

  3. Great yarn! Cindy, you are a great teacher!

  4. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Now that's MY kind of spinning! Can I come to your class please? Better still can you come and teach here?


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