The Fencing Continues Apace

While I frantically continue preparing to leave for Maryland, the fence guys, Bennett and Daniel, make progress on the NorthNorth fence. Check it out:

Bennett welds posts and braces.

And Daniel carves a tunnel in the woods with his chain saw. The new fence will run through this hole, and the sheep will clear anything that ends up on their side of the fence.

We are all going to be ecstatic when this new fence is finished. I don't think I can explain in words how wonderful this will be, for both sheep and shepherd. (As if on cue, a rain storm is headed this way for the weekend I'm gone to Maryland. That leaves the family doing chores in the bad weather. I'm praying it isn't as bad as last year.)

On the upside, the forecast for the festival is great so far. I hope it holds. My biggest issue right this minute is figuring out how to get all my inventory and personal effects to MD in my suitcases. I'm thinking space bags. And magic.


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