Fresh Blessings

New friends, and new treasures today in the Little Red Barn. We got to meet Randi, a knitting friend from Ravelry, who lives in nearby Wylie! It was so fun to have you with us today, Randi! She worked patiently on a lovely cotton washcloth and bound it off before she left. Great job.

We met a new friend, Robin, who brought us a treasure: a beautiful Great Pyrenees girl we are trying out in the alpaca pasture. So far, everything looks great. She hasn't bothered the alpacas or the chickens, and we're hoping that as soon as she figures out that she's "home," she'll begin to consider the animals her charges, and take on her role as guardian.

I'm calling her Ruth, since she is moving to a new "land" and making our people her people. Ruth has a slight handicap - she had a broken leg as a youngster that wasn't set correctly. As a result, she has a permanent limp and an odd-looking run. But Robin tells me that it doesn't slow her down much. In her previous home, she kept her yard completely free of those gawd-awful squirrels.

Meanwhile in the LRB, Smokey the Barn Cat was sleeping in a ball.

The spinners showed up despite the threat of rain, which never materialized.

Chris and Rita kept us giggling today - it was so great to see them. Doesn't seem like even once a month is enough. I noticed Chris left treats behind when she left. Darn it! Mr. Ted contributed his customary quiche (with home-grown spinach) and so we ate very well today.

Claire was the only one in the barn not keen on being there. Poor kid. Everybody's got to take her lumps sometimes. But Jennifer got some good Barn time in, and that's important.

We welcomed our friend Peggy R. from Balch Springs to the LRB for some quality knitting time. It was Peggy's birthday and we were so glad to celebrate it with her!

Gail arrived with lots of goodies to share - crackers with pepper jelly and cream cheese, these little french bread rounds with cream cheese, peppers and basil...

...and these heavenly roses from her garden. Hours later, the whole LRB is still washed in that glorious fragrance. I could eat it up.

I guess we could have skirted some fiber outside, once we figured out the skies were going to stay clear. But by then, I had already promised myself some long-awaited spinning time. Now I have half a bobbin of Christine's sari silk yarn. Major fun.

As I write, the rain has come. It's falling softly so far, and hopefully will not make too much of a mess for us. I guess we've had quite a break from the mud, so I'll count my blessings tonight, old and new.


  1. What a grand time everyone had! Well, almost everyone. I'm so sorry to have missed it, especially the peppers on cream cheese....AND those ROSES! Of course, I'm missing the girls!
    Try again next month.

  2. Randi9:19 AM

    Thank you for a wonderful time with great conversation and fabulous food! I can't wait until next month - I'm trying to decide what sort of treat to bring with.

  3. Yes I miss it also!! I could almost smell the roses here at my office this morning!!
    Next month or somewhere in between!! :)


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