Going Batty

When we last left our story, a gorgeous Jacob fleece was drying on the fancy electric dryer screens. Today, Laurie and Teresa came over to keep moving the fiber down the processing line, on the way to the retail shelves in Maryland.

Teresa is an excited new spinner with lots of fun stuff to learn about wool. And there's no better way to learn than getting up to your elbows in freshly cleaned fiber. Laurie taught her how to open the locks and pull out second cuts and vm (vegetable matter). We also separated the colors of the Jacob wool in to "light," "medium," and "dark" piles so that there was some variety in the batts produced.

Meanwhile, Laurie prepared (washed and dried) an alpaca fleece to blend with the Jacob wool. This is a tried and true, heavenly blend. Both the Jacob and the alpaca fleeces were exceptionally clean to begin with, so the picking and skirting went quickly.

Into the drum carder went the soft, heathery gray and white fibers.

Round and round they went, bending, straightening, opening, mixing.

And off the drum came batt after batt of Jacob and alpaca fiberliciousness. (It is too a word.) The shoppers at the Sheep and Wool Festival won't be disappointed.

Now we just have to keep the momentum up long enough to get all the fiber in my living room and on the back porch clean and ready for carding by Spinderellas. It will be a happy day when all that share fiber wings its way to Lynn and Jim's cottage mill carder, "Meriwether," where it receives the royal treatment.

Buckets of thanks to Laurie and Teresa for all their help today. I say again, I cannot steward this farm by myself - we're nothing without our shareholders and friends. xoxo


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Yeah!! It was so much fun to spend the day with you and Laurie!



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