I'm a (Sheep) Grandma

As you probably know, we don't breed much here at Jacob's Reward Farm - we leave that to folks with that particular gift. Once we made that decision, we sent our black Babydoll Southdown ram, Zacchaeus, to live with Suzy L. up in Oklahoma. Suzy also got a lovely white Babydoll ewe and a darling Cheviot sheep to start her small flock. She wasn't sure if a pregnancy had happened, but now it has definitely been confirmed. POP-lamb!

Tonight on Facebook, Suzy posted pictures of her brand new black Babydoll ram lamb - our grandlambie! That's right, Zach (now known as Tank, or Tatonka) is a daddy! Seems like Zach was just a baby himself only yesterday:

Congratulations, Suzy, on your new baby! Lots of love from all of us here at Jacob's Reward!


  1. Squeeee! It's like the cutest thing ever! When are you getting your new babies? I wanna come see.

  2. Our three new boys will be ready to bring home the first or second week of May. Can't believe it's almost here! I'll schedule the trip when I get back from the MDS&W Fest. Which is almost here!! AAACCKK!


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