Immortalized in Wool

Our friend, Laurie, is one talented chicky. I've highlighted her work before - in the dye pots, on the spinning wheel, in the kitchen, and more. Today, I received a precious gift from her hands: a crocheted "Cindy Doll."

Easy to spot with the red hair, earth-toned clothing, and a chicken and lamb under each arm. I love that she made me super tall and svelte. That's a good friend for ya. She always see the best in me and totally overlooks the lumps and bumps and annoying character flaws.

As quirky as we are around here, I guess it's fitting that even our eggs are, uh, non-standard. Check 'em out:

We did have a little excitement around here today - caught the first snake of the season dipping into my egg supply. Around here, that is a capital offense, and justice was meted out swiftly. I have hidden the photo evidence out of deference to my more sensitive readers. Others with some grit may want to follow this link to see the reptile for themselves.

And now, some sleep before tomorrow's Earth Day celebration at Capitol One Bank - the farm has a display booth. I get to tell more people about how much fun we have at Jacob's Reward!


  1. Awwww! The doll is adorable--looks just like you! Laurie is so talented.

  2. Love the doll. I think she looks just like you! Laurie does great work.

  3. Heather Durazzo11:13 AM

    wow, thats some talent!! so cute! I love the sandals :-)

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Wow that doll is just right! Good thing you found the snake! That's a problem that we don't round here! Except maybe fo the odd adder. It's the only venemous snake we have in UK.

  5. So cute! Must be the fiber version of the action figure... *;)

  6. THANKS! Maybe I should crochet a little snake to put under your foot... Well, knitting basket and eggs are coming. Happy Earth Day!


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