Maryland Eve

Last year was gray and rainy. Not today!

Had a great flight to Maryland today - the weather was clear and the flight was as smooth as glass. Got a cute rental car, a Vibe, to scoot around in. Met up with my Jacob sheep pals and set up our booth in record time. Enjoyed a lovely dinner and visiting time with my friends Catherine and Amanda from New York.

Tomorrow's the big day. We've sponsored meet-ups, classes and parties. I get to meet lots of folks I've only known through the magic of the internet. Now we'll be friends In Real Life.

I expect all the usual and incredible sights and sounds of the Festival I've come to love over the past eight years. I know you wish you were here, so I'll do my best to bring the Festival to you. Follow my tweets on the right margin of the blog page (or on Twitter). I might be able to squeeze out short blog posts or Facebook updates as well - depends on how busy the day becomes.

Wish you were here. I do.


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