Merit Badges for Everybody!

Troop 692
learned how to spin today. We had a blast learning about shearing, cleaning, carding and spinning wool. The alpacas showed off by playing in the hose and cavorting around in the cool water for the girls. Judah earned his kibble by keeping up a steady wall of bark as we met the north sheep. The chickens weren't terribly sociable today for some reason.

No matter. I think the girls really loved watching wool fibers twist into a sturdy yarn in their own fingers. It's an amazing process. I teach a fun technique, with the girls in pairs. Girl 1 holds a puff of wool fiber and Girl 2 hooks a partially-straightened-out paperclip into the puff, and twists. They have to spin and draft as a team to produce yarn, and it's much easier said than done.

But these girls caught on to the process very quickly. They didn't have very much trouble at all with the subtleties of drafting and twisting in concert. I was very impressed.

Each one of them went home with some two-ply yarn that she spun herself. So cool.

Next time, girls, don't show up the adults quite so badly. And bring cookies. We'll need cookies.


  1. So FUN! Converting the world, one girl at a time....


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