Red Letter Days

There's big fun coming to the Farm in the next couple of months. Here's just a quick taste:

April 17 - A Fiber Prep Day. In addition to spinning and knitting in the Little Red Barn, we will set up the skirting tables and get a close-up look and feel of the harvest fiber. We can get a few fleeces ready for Wanda the Whirlpool and continue the fiber cleaning, already in progress.

May 15 - Fine Arts Fiber Fantasy Day. Fairy tales told by professional storytellers Peggy and Gene Helmick-Richardson, fine art displays and sales by incredible local artists, silent auction, and pot luck feasting on the lawn. If the weather cooperates, this special day will rock the county. I'm also contacting some local food producers to invite them to have a table here that day. More on that as it develops.

June 19 - "Cooking From Your Garden." A fun presentation by my pal Donna W. who has years of experience feeding a large family out of her home-grown vegetable garden. Donna is helping me rehabilitate the JRF garden, and hopefully we'll have some hands-on time out there to supplement what we learn from Donna's recipes and vast experience. For accomplished cooks, and others like me, who are all thumbs in the kitchen. Bring your wheels and knitting, too, as usual.

Scratch a big X on these dates, and stay tuned for updates. If you have ideas for other events at the farm in the future, please let me know - I'm always looking for ways to put this place to good use!


  1. Looks like a LOT of fiber fun, wish I lived closer.

  2. Boy, you know you're a fiber addict when you are disappointed that you will have to miss out on picking dirt and and even more unpleasant matter out of sheep wool! But I'm pouting about this big time!


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