Shadrach Turns Two

On April 3rd, 2008 we welcomed the only lamb ever born here at Jacob's Reward Farm. It was so exciting! This little slimy, wriggly, mottled-black lamb won our hearts from his first breath. In spite of my heroic efforts, he grew steadily every day (I was a tad obsessed with being a sheep mom, and probably did more harm than good).

At nine days old, he was already trying to eat grain with the big sheep.

As a Suffolk cross, he lost his mottled baby coat and grew in to his big boy cream wool with dark legs and head. I wondered if he'd ever grow into those ears.

He pestered the three ewes by banging into them to get them to run around with him. It's tough being the only sproingy lamb in the pasture!

Eleven seconds of Lamb-itude:

But he didn't stay small for long. Virtually overnight he grew into the biggest sheep on the block, but sweet and endearing.

He begs like a Labrador Retriever, only bulkier.

And he's never too busy to visit with a small person.

He's first at the hay trough, and usually eats with both front feet in the middle of the feeder. He's not shy, and has emerged as the unchallenged leader of the flock.

For a meat sheep who was originally destined for the freezer, Shadrach actually boasts a fairly decent fleece. He's no Merino, but he has crimp galore, and a respectable sturdiness in his fiber. That redeeming quality saved his life, and as a result, we have been blessed to know this gentle giant of the ovine crew for two years now. Long live the Shad!


  1. What a sweetie!!!! Love Mr. Shad. AuntiE

  2. MissMoosey7:43 AM

    Happy Birthday, Shadrach! I hope you enjoy many many more at Jacob's Reward!

  3. Happy birthday, Shad! Hugs and ear scritches to you!

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Happy Birthday, Shad and many more. You are my favorite. Alpacamama


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