Show and Tell, Work and Play

This morning kicked off with gorgeous weather and a tour group of moms with preschool children. The kids met the animals, fed the alpacas apples and carrots, watched some wool spinning, and got a little outdoor time. Me, I learned a little more about how much energy little boys have to run off, on a crisp spring morning. If I could figure out how to harness that energy, say, in the chores department...

The 'pacas are learning to come to the fence when a group shows up - lots of times, treats are involved.
Around lunch time, friend Donna arrived to make a little more progress in the garden. We've decided the spinach has lived out its usefulness, and it's time to move on to warm weather crops. Tomorrow, the spinach will be pulled up, washed, chopped and frozen or steamed. Nice. Donna has designed and begun to construct boxes for raised planting areas. It's going to be fantastic.

After the busy morning, it was time to head over to the DFW Fiber Fest to catch up with friends and ogle the luscious wares. Mary (GrandmaTutu) and I insisted we were just going to look at the pretty things, but, um, came back with a few trifles. Here is our combined damage:

Of this, I only got 5 balls of yarn and 4 oz of sari silk spinning fiber. And a sheep pin. But that's ALL.

And I got to say hi to friends Christine, Janet, Alissa, Liz, and lots of great fiber acquaintances. Someday I'll actually get to take a class or two at the Fest, but I was happy today just to get a few minutes to stroll among the fiber and friends.


  1. Gosh I had the same problem this week. My knitting store had tables set up in the back with some 50% off stuff. I justified some of it by saying it was for knitting chemo caps.

    The spring green cotton though is going to weft my table loom. What can I make with about 600 yards of weft? Araucania tabouli.

  2. You got my bag of sari silk! I was soooo ogling that, but had already spent way more than I intended. Can't wait to hear how it spins and what you do with it.

  3. I missed you! I was there saturday, I really wanted some tosh yarn but didnt get it. Still a little sad about it. Im positive Ill get some next year. lol.
    I saw some beautiful spindles with a glass bead on it, and very beautiful finished objects. very inspiring.
    I only got 3 sk of merino worsted, and thats all


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