Small Packages

Yesterday we got lots of great things coming in small packages. When young Claire went outside to collect eggs, she came back bearing one of the smallest chicken eggs I've ever had produced here.

I thought for a minute a flock of quail had gotten lost passing through the pasture. This little egg was tiny. Like a marble. Like a pistachio.

I think we're going to blow out the contents and try to save it. It's really cool.

Meanwhile, the veteran layers from the front coop had indeed resorted to laying eggs in their underground lair instead of their nest boxes. I discovered it today. (It's really under the big Lindheimer Muhly grass in the front flower bed.) They had managed to squirrel away nearly a dozen eggs before I spotted them. Now I'm wise.

More Small Packages. And I want to be sure to show you the really darling earrings that are handmade by our new friend, Robin. She makes her own glass beads, and she dropped these by when she brought our sweet new guard dog. Aren't they cute? Mostly sock beads, a pair of Ladybugs, and a pair of flowers. They're $12 a pair, so let me know if any of these are calling your name.

Here's Robin's business card if you'd like more information or have a custom bead you'd like her to make for you.

Furry Package. And speaking of Ruth, the great Great Pyrenees, she's doing just fine. She spent the night in the pasture, outside in the rain, even though she had access to a couple of different shelter options. She has plenty of thick fur, so I know she was warm and comfortable, even in the wetness.

The alpacas are still more than a little wary of her.

She really likes to lay in the mud. There went our pretty white dog...

But she seems happy and content, and is very people-friendly. She and Judah "talked" to each other for a little while today, or so it seemed. They barked back and forth from each side of the property. I wonder what they were talking about?

Hopefully they were letting the neighborhood know that this property is off limits to unwanted vermin and predators. Woof, woof, WOOF.


  1. She looks like Stinky, my brother's Great P. Named Stinky because he's always in the pond and then rolling in the dirt or grass.

  2. I am delighted that you have Ruth and Judah on the job so both pastures are protected. Love the photo of Ruth and the "wary" alpacas; looks to me like they are thinking of ganging up on her. :-D

  3. I hope she works out. She really needs a good stable home. Ruth is such a sweetheart and seemed to really want a job. She looks like she is making herself right at home.

  4. Love the tiny egg! Ruth is beautiful - mud and all!

  5. That little egg is so cute! And the way you have it photographed makes me just want to reach in and grab it. (Would make the perfect portion for me who isn't too fond of eggs unless they're in something! ;)


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