Spring Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

OK, maybe not dangerous, but definitely painful. I bet the ER saw a lot of us weekend warriors today. First gorgeous Saturday - perfect for overdoing it with pruners and shovels and pitch forks. I know personally, my hands don't want to work now, and I can't lift my arms over my head. I may be disabled tomorrow.

But I have a good bit of progress to show for the pain. I've trimmed the woody perennials, uncovered large portions of the flagstone path that was overgrown, or had been buried by the chickens. They kick all the mulch out of the beds and make me nuts.

I uncovered some herbs and flowers, already going strong:

Some kind of basil.

Salvia Greggii.

Did I mention how helpful the chickens are with weeding and keeping dirt and mulch in the beds?

I had to hide some tender transplants under pots, because they were intent on digging up everything I planted. Gail gave me some Purple Cone Flower and Lemon Balm. Yum.

Oops. Missed one.

Wanda Goes for a Spin

With a little bit of left over energy, I decided to take Wanda on her maiden spin, so to speak. I hooked the hose up to the hot water:

Filled the tub:

Decided to remove the agitator to make more room, and cut down on felting damage if I accidentally engaged it:

Dropped in a bit of sheep shampoo to cut down on any grease on the agitator hub:

Let it soak a while, and then hit the magic Spin button:

The water dutifully drained out. I also got a longer hose to take the draining water further from the house.

Tomorrow, we try it with WOOL. Woot! I think we're in business!


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