Time to Suck it Up

I mean that in many ways. For instance, my friend Cyndi and I started the day (after chores) at the gym and took a weights/aerobics class that challenged us. Frankly, it kicked our behinds. But we were glad that we stuck it out. My new eating and exercise plan seem to be paying off.

Second, it's the time when our products need to be ready to pack for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I've chronicled the journey of one lovely Jacob fleece and some complimentary alpaca fiber from washing, to finished batts. Today we packaged them in lovely tissue and ribbons for presentation. Of course, I will smash them paper thin in order to make them fit into the suitcase, but they should fluff up again once I get there.

Friend Donna came over and continued her mission in the garden. It is really starting to look organized and begging for seeds and seedlings. When I get back, I'll be able to help more and get this done. It's time for growing.

Tonight's challenge - get all the stuff into the suitcase. What odds to you give me?

Everybody - INHALE.


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