Two Words: Sun Screen

Not sure if you can feel the heat radiating from my face, but I clearly underestimated the power of the sun today. I do this all the time. Ouch.

We had so much fun today, I hardly noticed. I got to meet two new egg lover friends: Marty, and Farhan and his family. More friends who love and appreciate a life close to the earth and the food it produces. So nice to meet you!

We hosted a great group of folks from a youth organization associated with the Daughters of the American Revolution. They were interested in learning how people in the early days of our country took wool from their sheep and transformed it into yarn, fabric and clothing. Laurie brought over her new (old) wheel and mesmerized us with its grace as part of our presentation. Thanks for coming, Linda and friends - we had a blast!

One young lady tried her hand with the cards, and turned out a lovely rolag, ready to spin.

Barbara dropped by for some garden therapy.

And now there are five big bags of fresh spinach in the frig. Donna recommends freezing this spinach for cooking later. I'm thinking, quiche.

DH and power tools. That's what I'm talkin' about. (He's helping me make 100 CD spindles for our big spinning class at Maryland Sheep and Wool.)

Alta dropped by with a very nice gift for the garden - a patio umbrella... Thank you!

...and the chickens donated 21 eggs to the cause. Thanks, girls. You do good work.

Almost more fun than one can squeeze into a Saturday.
Now, where's my aloe vera?


  1. How do I schedule a visit to the farm?

  2. Give me a call and we'll talk about what sorts of times work for you! 214-284-9218... ;-) This Saturday, we'll have a come-and-go open house here at the Little Red Barn with fiber prep, and spinning and knitting and hanging out - please come!!

  3. That would be fantastic! I'm just over in Allen.

  4. Yes, Virginia . . er, I mean, Cindy. You can get an April sunburn in Texas!

    I'm going to talk to my daughter-in-law tomorrow and see if she'd like to come up with me one of these days and bring her boys. (Of course the one-month-old won't be interested but I think it will be a good field trip for the four-year-old!)

  5. Ahhhhh, power tools....a DH who is handy with power tools! The waffle iron was my MIL's - she was going to toss it when she replaced it with one of the teflon coated square ones so I SNAGGED it!

  6. Glad you enjoy the patio umbrella! (maybe you should have stayed under it a bit more, my slightly pink friend? kidding!) Sounds like you all had lots of fun!

  7. Cindy-

    Do you know if Laurie has any info on her wheel? I just inherited one like it and I've been trying to find bobbins for it. Thanks!


  8. Oops, I typed the website wrong. This one is right!

  9. Hi Alli - yes, your wheel looks a lot like Laurie's. She doesn't know a whole lot about it, but I'm sure she'd love to share it. How can she reach you? You guys can swap notes.

  10. She can reach me at poplea at hotmail dot com or I'm AlliCat236 on Ravelry. Thanks!


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