Why I Love Texas

Every spring, it's like a new surprise - as though I've never seen them before. But around April, the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush pop up along roadsides and I let out a little gasp. They are amazing.

I hear they grow in Oklahoma, too, but I never saw them while I lived there. For me, this is completely a Texas phenomenon.

Bluebonnets are the darlings of the wildflower family, but other little gems dot the landscape as well. These lovelies almost make up for my yearly bout with allergies--sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. I'm sure my ailments are not the Bluebonnets' fault.

In Other News: I got quite a surprise yesterday when I weighed the alpacas' fleeces from shearing last week. All the huacaya boys' fleeces weighed within their normal ranges, but the suris amazed me. Boaz's fleece weighed a little over two pounds (about what I figured) but Micah's weighed nearly three pounds! He is such a little shrimp! How did he pack on that much fiber?

Our friend Amy (who handles about 850 pounds of her own fiber every year) really went gaga over Micah because of his color, density and luster, but I had no idea about the sheer volume he would produce. Way to go, little guy!

Coming Soon: Exciting details about our events in April, May, and June.


  1. Wow that is amazing!!! He looks so small. I can't wait to run my fingers in it!!!!


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