Critter Spa Day

I have to keep this short because it's late, and we have a big day tomorrow. But today was incredible. Gail, again a glutton for punishment, came over and helped me completely clean the chickens. Not just all four coops - though that was done thoroughly - but the chickens themselves. Some had developed a bad case of poopy butt (never pretty) and some had an attack of mites.

Some needed a real chicken bath in baby shampoo and others just needed to be powdered from head to toe. None were especially interested or cooperative.

And despite their temporary loss of dignity, I think they'll all sleep better tonight. I know I will.

The garden continues to receive the ministrations of our friend Donna, and the mulched pathways are finally coming under control. The garden is delightful!

Our Ruth, on the other hand, ended up needing more help than we could give her ourselves and she is resting comfortably at the vet's place tonight. In the process of cleaning her up a little in the barn, we discovered a nasty abscess that had gotten ahold of her poor rear end. She needed a shave, some antibiotics and steroids. Since it's impossible to keep her clean and away from the flies here at the farm, so she's spending a little quality time getting help at the vet.

I expect her to fully recover, and maybe we'll get to see her true sweet personality emerge, once we take care of the horrid things that were assailing her.

I got to finish off the day with supper in the Little Red Barn with Farm Angels Jill and Laurie. What a nice treat at the end of a very long, hard day...

Whew. All's well on the farm tonight. I'm off for a hot shower and some lovely sleep. Tomorrow - LAMBS!


  1. Giving thanks that you discovered what was ailing Ruth so she could get the needed attention from the vet. Bless you for being such a loving shepherd to all the farm critters.

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I am glad that Ruth is at the vet getting taken care of. I bet your chickens are all feeling better. I am finally feeling a bit better today but did not go to work at Church today becaue I didn't want to spread my germs around. Have a safe trip going to get the lambs. Can't wait to see pictures of them.Alpacamama


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